Cookie Management

1. Informations provided by customers, pursuant to this contract, represent personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy normative;

2. Providing customer personal data, for the purposes described below, is a necessary requirement for the accurate sealing of the gaming account deal. Through approval of the following contract, and according with conditions referred to in this contract about website gaming account, the customer acknowledges the content of this privacy policy and agrees on processing personal data respectively from the licensee and Curacao eGaming, for the purposes described below. The licensee and Curacao eGaming, each for their own area of competence, take all the necessary and proper steps in order to preserve and secure the customer privacy; 

3. The customer acknowledges that informations, related to all movements and account balances and to his own ID data in encrypted form, are unconditionally submitted from the licensee to competent authorities to make them exercise their institutional and public control function.

4. The customer acknowledges that all his personal data, if eventually required, will be submitted from the licensee and Curacao eGaming to group or subcontractors companies that provide necessary services to create playing activities, object of the contract. Besides, in case of corporate insolvency, merger, takeover or divestment, all personal data will be transferred to entities involved in those business operations.

5. The customer acknowledges that the licensee, in accordance with the applicable privacy normative, once concluding the contract, via email or permanent address provided from the customer himself, can send information and advertising material in exclusive relation to games and services comparable to those object of this contract, or even other kind of material necessary to fulfilment of own market researches and business communication, notwithstanding the anytime right of the customer to oppose data processing while talking about newsletter or advertising material, and the right to freely choose the only authorized channel of communication, giving these two options notified to the company by emailing to the address [email protected]; this opposition will not lead to any negative impact on gaming activities delivery. 

6. We inform you that [email protected] uses cookies only if strictly necessary; these cookies allow to exploit all main features of our website and the access to restricted areas (such as account login). Without those cookies, our website is not able to work properly. Also, these cookies ensure the safety for both our website and its customers. For example, we widely use cookies for the game session identification to supervise the time of connection; this is why you will be asked to reconnect after a certain period of time. Besides, a permanent ID cookie is used to register your username (but not your password) and simplify every next connession by early compiling the targeted section.

7. The customer acknowledges that the licensee would need to treat data related to the IP address of his device in order to comply with obligations under applicable law in all those countries where the device is used, with contractual obligations taken by the licensee with its suppliers, and to prevent any eventual fraud related to deposits and withdrawals. Data regarding device location will only be managed to comply with applicable normative and to check for the opportunity to use the above-mentioned device in the same country where it is located; after this gathering, all personal data will be immediately deleted. In the event that the customer does not give his consens to gather data related to the IP address of his he will not be able to use the gaming platform provided by the licensee.

8. Other entities, appointed by the company and responsible for data treatment, will not be involved in such gathering activities, notwithstanding the licensee is the only responsible, toward its customers, for all those consequences caused by the infringement of the rules on personal data processing, in accordance with the applicable privacy normative.

9. If the licensee means to use personal data for further and different purposes (such as, for example, profiling and leasing data to third-party), he must inform the customer in advance by acquiring, if necessary, the related explicit consens.

10. Processing personal data of customers is performed both with assist offered by various IT tools and hard copy; personal data are available to officers from Curacao eGaming and the licensee ones, named for data treatment, and they can also be submitted to external companies that deliver any ancillar or instrumental activity related to those managed by the two independent owners. These above-mentioned companies are claimed responsible for data processing. 

11. The customer can exercise all those right such as getting proofs on data evidence, on their communicability in an intelligible form, informations about their source, their purposes and their methods of treatment; such as updating, reviewing or integrating data, possibility of ensuring those data to be erased, modified or converted anonymously; such as blocking personal data treated against the law and opposing to their use, full or in part, submitting a proper request with an email to [email protected] as preiously explained.


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