By left-clicking on "ACCEPT" button in the registration form, you commit to agree, comply and acknowledge all the rules and terms&conditions of Casino, specified below; we only make use of rules, codes, bets and algorithms early defined and verified.
1.1 - Only members over 18 are allowed to register for Casino; it is strictly forbidden to take part in any game if you have not turned 18 yet; minors must not play; participating to every activities and games provided from mgbet is allowed only to those who are residing in jurisdictions where such involvement is fully legal and not prohibited; participating to every activities and games provided from mgbet is illegal where it is explicitly forbidden by local laws.
1.2 - Player acknowledges that the game has only a pure fun purpose; he acknowledges and agree with the fact that no purchases are required or necessary to take part in those games; if a player would like to play without any real money bet, he can do that by playing in the free section of the website.
1.3 - It is allowed only one account opening for each player, which commit not to ask for multiple account opening on his behalf; besides, Casino accepts only one account for each household, even if there are more available computers for the same provided address; the identity of each player can be stated from the mix of one or more of the following elements: name, postal address, email address, IP address, MAC address, credit/debit cards number or any other form of identification that can be required.
1.4 - mgbet employees, dealerships, suppliers, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, avertising and promotional agencies, any other agencies, media partners, retailers and members which belong to families of employees of other subjects above-mentioned shall not take part in any game offered by Casino.
2.1 - Player will not be asked to take part in the game and that participation, if decided by him, will be only up to his free choice, discretion and risk; all material related to the game (obtained both electronically and by other means) automatically becomes illegal if it gest somehow counterfeit, wrecked, altered or hacked, unreadable, electronically replicated, obtained beyond legal authorization or if it contains any misprint, playing, typographical, mechanical, electronical or some other kind of errors; any material proposed in order to secure a prize, will instantly become property of the company and it will never be returned.
2.2 - The company is not responsible for any loss, delay, unreadability, incompleteness, damage, wrecking, error about mail addresses, prizes request or registration; the full responsabilty related to game material that includes any kind of error, is limited only to the replacement of that material itself; any error due to technological limits from the user (for example the OS, web-browser software, connection speed, hardware and software) shall only be attributed to the user himself, and not to the company.
2.3 - If you're not satisfied from the offered service, we will consider your opinion about that if the reasons provided by the user will be proved as valid; in order to present an official complaint, please send an email to [email protected] and you will be answered as soon as possible.
2.4 - The payment of the winnings fees, if there's any win, is sole responsability of the player; if the player does not connect to the Casino server through Internet, to his own gaming account by using his username and password, in a time period up to 180 days, all the left balances will be deposited to his banck account; if the Casino does not have these informations, the player will be asked for any further possible way or bank details to ensure those balance to be properly transfered; otherwise, the player will be asked for his consent to withhold that balance on his gaming account for 180 more days, after which the same earlier procedure will start all over again.
2.5 - If the player turns out to be untraceable from the Casino staff by any means possible, for a time period longer than 24 months, all capitals left on that account will be transfered to a new one, sole property of the company Casino, purposely created for this issue, and they will be kept there for 12 more months, after which the player will lose all his rights to get them back; the player will be charged for all the costs related to the above-mentioned operations, namely those costs will be justified and deducted from his gaming account; the terms & conditions explained in this document could be changed/amended only by direct action from the company, which will change/amend them in the right section of its website.
2.6 - The company won't be responsible for any malfunction of the computer or for any attempt from the player to take part in the game by using mechanisms, methods or means not provided for in the company.
2.7 - The company reserves the right to block the gaming account of any player and to move towards the final balance of that account itself, at the moment of the block; the terms & conditions explained in this document represent the whole, final and unique contract between the user and the company, and it shall replace and include all the early contracts, deals and declarations that could have interfered between the user and the company.
3.1 - By entering our website, opening an account with us, using and keep using the above-mentioned account, taking part in the game or accepting any prize, the user claims, guarantees and certify all the following points.
3.2 - The player acknowledges and accepts to become part of and comply with all the rules, regulations, terms & conditions hereby mentioned, and such those could undergo further variations over time.
3.3 - The player must have already turned 18, that means the player is condisered and adult as required by legal definiton on his own jurisdiction.
3.4 - The player won't allow any person or third-part, including minors with no limits, to use or keep using the gaming account, its access and/or any material or information coming from the website, to accept any prize or to take part in any game.
3.5 - The player claims to have the full, complete and unlimited legal right to take part in the game, and also that taking part in the game is not forbidden in his own jurisdiction.
3.6 - The player does not consider the game or the website any offensive, deplorable, unfair or indecent.
3.7 - The player acknowledges that the game has the only purpose of pure fun.
3.8 - The player commits to consider the company, employees, dealerships, suppliers, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, avertising and promotional agencies, any other agencies, media partners and retailers not responsible, and commits to indemnidfy them for every spending, cost, responsability or damage that could result from his fault, such as: (a) entering, using and keep using the website, (b) using of any material belonging to the website (c) entering, using and keep using the Casino server, (d) taking part in the game, (e) accepting any prize.
3.9 - The player acknowledges and accepts that mgbet is the company business name, the authorized and service brand, and that he can not excersise any right on these terms, nor on any other term, graphic, text, concept or methodology while using this website and all material related to that.
3.10 - The player's interest in gaming and using the website is strictly private and non-professional; players who enter the Casino service do that only for their entertainment, and each access, use or continuous use of Casino or the website, made from the players themselves and different from the one early mentioned, is absolutely forbidden.
3.11 - The player commits to regularly look over, and with periodicity not lesser than once a month, all terms & conditions established by mgbet and issued on our website.
3.12 - The player shall not take part in the game, nor open, use or keep using an account, enter the website, the Casino service or accept any prize, unless he would acknowledge and accept completely to become part of, and comply with, with no exception, all rules, regulations, terms and conditions.


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