Responsible gaming

In the knowledge that most of gamblers shall play within the limits of their own possibilities, is also convinced that gambling can represent a sensitive problem for some of its customers. In this section, makes available some guidelines for playing in the most responsible way. Our wish for the game is to represent a pleasant and fun experience for everyone, and that is why we seriously promote a responsible gaming. Vogliamo che il gioco rappresenti un'esperienza divertente per tutti, per questo motivo promuoviamo un gioco responsabile. For this purpose, provides the opportunity to set custom limits, at the same time we are fully committed in esuring those limits to be completely respected. Gaming experience must be taken as an entertaining form of leisure and insouciance. The act of borrowing money for playing reasons, exceeding own personal or familiar limits and gambling money allocated for other purposes, is not only an inappropriate way to behave, but it can also inflict several seriuous damages to players and to those who are close to them. We wnat to assure a comfortable experience, so we kindly invite our customers to enjoy and spend their time on this website in a responsible manner.
In order to use our website for playing aims, the user must have turned 18 or the certain age certified as the minimum legal age in his country of permanent residency. will perform all the necessary check procedures to guarantee that no child or person which age is not certified as the minimum legal one shall play, gamble or bet on our website. The action of submitting inaccurate or false data about the age will lead to seize all winnings and, in some circumstances, to initiate legal actions. In order to guarantee a reasonable child protection, we kindly suggest you to step in installing a proper internet filter in your personal computers, so as to check every displayed content, to block unwanted material and to set passwords for preventing access to those websites like and others.
To install such a filter, we invite you to take a look over this links mentioned by the IFR (Internet Filter Review):

Frequent players tend to overstep their own gaming budget very easily, consuming more money than they should do. suggests to previously establish a maximum budget, focusing on never exceeding it. There's often a tendency to ignore the above-mentioned problem, and it just goes on until it gets to a crisis point that leads to asking for help, when actually it may be already too late. You must analyze carefully your situation and, if you feel like having a problem related to gambling issue, force yourself to stop playing for a trial period of two weeks, or maybe a month. Failing to accomplish this trial target could be a symptom of pathological gambling dependency, in that case you must immediatly request for specialized assistance. offers the right tools to control and restrict your gaming volume, providing the opportunity to set proper limits for a specified time period. Those limits can be configured by accessing to game settings, or you can contact our customer care mailing to [email protected]:// or via personal chat. If you decide to give up on playing for a specified time period, also offers the opportunity to "self-eclusion" (for fully-detailed meaning of this procedure, please refer to the dedicated section in the "Terms & Conditions" document). Instead, if you decide to give up on playing indefinitely you won't be able to access our services anymore. In that case, and before entering the closing procedure, we kindly advice you to withdraw every left funds available on your own gaming account. Requiring a limits reduction will take effect immediatly; on the contrary, asking for a dismissal from self-exclusion or a limits increase will need at least seven days, starting from the date in which we receive that request, before being processed. Customer care department will be pleased to provide any other further informations regarding the services above-mentioned.
Each player can access easily to the full recap of the financial history, in order to take a look at every transactions made, included deposits and withdrawals. The balance is always available on-screen by accessing to the section "My Account".
Just like it happens with alcohol and drugs, you can become addicted to gambling. The singol case of a casual loss will not definitely change your life-style in a relevant way, but loosing periodically important amounts of money can be a clear sign of something much worse than you might believe. Pathological gambling can lead to troubles on every aspects of personal life: psychological, physical, social and professional. It usually begins during the teen-age for men, a little bit later for women. This behave commonly makes progress by turning from occasional to routine-blinded. The will to play becomes such that tension relieves only by keep playing, more and more. High stakes and personal risk involve a loss of interest in other kind of priorities, such as family and job. Preventing from compulsive need and addicting behavior is surely challenging, but it should be done mandatorily. Those people inclined to pathological gambling and to other addicting behaviors shall require a specialized assistance as soon as possible. Close relatives of a person who is experiencing troubles on compulsive gambling could be subject to increased risk of getting involved in those same issues, so they should pay more attention than anyone else.
Do you think you're having a gambling issue?
We kindly invite you to consutl the typical same questionnaire used by several agencies specialized in compulsive gambling support. Please, verify if any of these questions may regard you or someone that you know. The above-mentioned questionnaire can be useful to realize if you are facing a compulsive gambling situation, and most importantly, if you are willing to receive assistance in order to stop playing.
  • Has your playing behave ever been judged from anyone?
  • Have you ever lied to justify money or time spent in playing?
  • Do fights, frustrations and displeasures lead you to play more?
  • Did you ever find yourself in playing alone for long periods?
  • Do you often take time off work or neglect studies because of playing?
  • Do you play to break out from boredom or misery?
  • Are you reluctant to spend for something else those money saved for playing?
  • Have you lost interest in your family, your friends or your hobbies?
  • Do you feel like you need to try to get your own back as soon as possible, after a loss?
  • When you play, if you run out of money, do you feel any lost and desperate?
  • Do you feel like you need to play again as soon as possible?
  • Do you usually play to the last cent?
  • Have you ever lied, stolen or borrowed in order to play more or to repay gambling debts?
  • Do you feel depressed or do you ever think of committing suicide beacuse of playing?
Once you fill out the questionnaire, if you feel having trend towards pathological gambling, please make use of opportunity to limit or block your gaming account. Please, take notice that customers who previously blocked their own accounts, due to gambling issues, shall not immediately reactivate them, besides no further payments will be accepted on those accounts. At the same time, please do not forget to ask for refund of possible left credits owed to you. Any dismissal notice from self-exclusion will take effect only after seven days from aquiring the related request. Customers who have their personal accounts blocked will not be able to access any game offered involving money bids. However, needless to say, it is possible to join together in order to ensure playing to be such a fun and pleasant entertainment. Stay vigilant on yourself and feel free to contact us anytime you believe you need assistance. In case you have further questions or proposals regarding our policy of "Responsible Gaming" please mail us to; [email protected]://
There are different forms of association able to provide support and assistance to those people afflicted by gambling issues, and we kindly invite our customers to consult one of these associations in order to get the help needed. These following websites provide a strong support in the field of pathological gambling. Each of them includes a dedicated phone number and email address if you need confidential advice:
  • Gamblers anonymous -
  • Gambling therapy -
  • Sedqa (Maltese local Agency) -
  • Gambling Anonymous (Maltese local Agency) -
  • Global Gambling Guidance Group –
  • Gordon House Therapy Services -
Please, contact the nearest assistance centre if you find any sign of pathological gambling.


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