Terms and conditions

1.1 - mgbet.eu is operated by Mondservices Ltd with registered address Chytron, 30 - Nicosia, Nicosia, 1075, Cyprus, under the laws of Cyprus with registration number HE398285. Mondservices Ltd provide payment processing services to its mother company, MG Network NV, which is the online gaming license holder established under the laws of Curacao with registration number 131007, registered address at Heelsumstraat 51, E-commerce Park, Vredenberg, Curacao, and with license number 8048/JAZ2018-049 issued by Antillephone N.V.

The Sportbook services, Poker, Live Casino, Casino Games, Virtual, Race, Skill Games and Bingo currently operate with MondServices Ltd license, and are subject only to the laws of Curacao. All problems related to above-mentioned games in this section (Sportbook, Poker, Live Casino, Casino Games, Virtual, Race, Skill Games and Bingo) are reported and resolved exclusively in accordance with laws and regulations of Curacao.

1.2 - These "Terms & Conditions" (from now on, also called "Guidelines") represent a binding agreement bewtween the final user and Mondservices Ltd.
1.3 - The Guidelines becomes law from the moment in which the final user click on "Confirm" button, during the registration process; in doing so, the user himself communicates to Mondservices Ltd of his reading and accepting the Guidelines; by using each and every part of the website, the final user confirms that according to what has just been declared.
1.4 - The final user is compelled to read the Guidelines carefully and entirely, before clicking on "Confirm" button; if the user himself doesn't agree with any of the regulated clauses, he shouldn't use or continue using the website at all, instead he should ask for his own game account to be closed.
1.5 - The final user understands and accepts entirely to become bound to all the regulated clauses contained in this Guidelines, even if some of them are modified from time to time.  
1.6 - Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to change the Guidelines and, in doing so, to renew the agreement between the final user and Mondservices Ltd anytime and without any personal notice.
1.7 - Those changes will become immediatly effective right after their release on Mondservices Ltd website. It's an exclusive resposibility of the final user to review this Guidelines with all the specific rules of every games he's intended to play, in order for him to be always updated on every changes, everytime he logs in. The final user can easily come to know if this Guidelines experienced any change by checking the version number and the publishing date on the bottom of this page.
1.8 - This Guidelins is published in several languages in order for every users of different nationalities to completely understand the full meaning; if someone should notice any incongruity or disagreement between two or more versions of this Guidelines, the English version will be the first and the only one to be considered and it will prevail on the others.
1.9 - The final user is compelled to read all messages sent from any administration staff members via internal message system. Furthermore, he is compelled to check any news, any odds variation, authorizations, bets voiding exc... This company will decline any responsability if possible controversies would be caused by a failed, misunderstood or late reading of internal messages made by the final user. No compensation or reimbursement will be paid for any damage or inconvenience due to a failed reading of the Guidelines.
Terms of Service
2 - The Company provides the following services (also called Plays or Gaming Products): some dispositions of this section refer to rules, terms and regulated clauses for every specific games linked to this page, such as Casino, Casino Live, Poker, Bet Rules, Promo & Offers. Rules included in those pages linked to the previous ones represent an integral part of this whole Guidelines, and the final user will be considered responsible to their reading and acceptance.
Personal Gaming Account (PGA) – Registration Procedures
3.1 - In order to take part and interact, using real money, with one of the multiple gaming product available on Mondservices Ltd website, the final user must register himself an open a personal gaming account (from now on, also called PGA) and, after that, he must accomplish a deposit in completely autonomy in the same gaming account, according to indicated methods in the specific section dedicated to payments. Minimum deposit amount is 10€ (for further details, please take view of the section "Deposit"). It is allowed to have one and only one personal gaming account for each family unit. If two or more users live under the same roof, Mondservices Ltd must be informed about all those users that share this residence.
3.2 - If a user create or try to create more than one account, Mondservices Ltd reverves the right to block or close each and every of these accounts, for any reason and to its complete discretion. If Mondservices Ltd decides to leave at least one of these account serviceable, this should be the first opened in chronological order; all the remaining deposits on the other accounts previously created will be transferred on that account left opened. In any case, all these above-mentioned deposits will be subject to proper checks made by competent authorities.
3.3 - The request of opening a personal account must be submitted only by filling out the proper registration form; this request will be sent electronically to Mondservices Ltd, which reserves the right to reject the opening of an account to its complete discretion and without any motivational obligation.
3.4 - The registration form must be filled out with all the mandatory informations required to the final user, particularly about his own identity and contact details, such as a valid email address, the place of permanent staying and payment informations; all these data must be truthful, original and verified before the final user decide to send them to Mondservices Ltd; by reading the Guidelines completely, the final user comes to know that it will be his exclusive responsability to guarantee that all these informations are true, correct and proper. Therefore, the final user is warned on Mondservices Ltd managing check procedures at any moment, both directly than through third-parties, regarding deposits made by users themselves. For this purpose the final user could be asked, in favor of Mondservices Ltd, to provide his currently valid personal documents, such as an ID-card or passport copy; the user personal account could be blocked or closed in case he doesn't provide all the informations and documents required, or even if these same informations and documents provided will turn out to be fake, deceiving or incomplete.
3.5 - The final user has the obligation to keep every personal informations always updated, by giving immediate notice of any change made on those same informations provided previously during the registration procedure.
3.6 - As a further step during the registration procedure, the final user must choose a unique USERNAME and a PASSWORD, thanks to which he will be able to log into the website; the final user has the exclusive responsability to guarantee the safety of his own personal log-in informations. The user himself must not provide his own personal log-in informations to anyone than the company hitself; in case the final user should spread or share, accidentally or intentionally, his own personal log-in informations, Mondservices Ltd will not be considered responsible of any use or abuse made by third-parties on any gaming account.
3.7 - The final user is not allowed neither to transfer deposits from his gaming account to one another, nor to receive deposits from another users's gaming account to his one. Once the informations have been sent to Mondservices Ltd, the final user will receive a confirmation email only on the electronic address previously supplied during the registration steps; in order to accomplish the whole procedure, the final user must click on the website-link provided within this email and follow any further displayed step.
Use of Services – Terms & Conditions
4.1. - The final user can benefit from any of the products provided by Mondservices Ltd only if he has enough capital on his personal gaming account.
4.2. - Mondservices Ltd does not grant any credit for using its services.
4.3. - All the necessary informations to deposit capitals on his own gaming account can be found in sections "My Account" and "Cashier". The final user can choose among any of the money-transfer available methods, as explained in those above-mentioned sections. Please, take notice that some of the offered payment methods could not be available in specific countries, or they could not be supported by Mondservices Ltd from time to time.
4.4. - Depending on the chosen method, deposits could experience some money burdens; for the current taxes regarding capitals deposits, please visit the section "My Account" and "Cashier". Even regardless of our will, the bank could charge the final user for online transactions costs or for using different methods of payment.
4.5. - Mondservices Ltd normally accepts payment only made in EUR currency; any other curreny different from EUR and used for any payment will be converted in EUROS, based on the effective current exchange rate. Please, be adviced that any drop due to variations on the exchange rate will be charged only to the final user. 
4.7. - When the final user make a deposit on his own personal account, Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to adopt additional misures and means in order to verify the real identity of who made that deposit.
4.8. - The user's final balance will not accrue any interest, furthermore the final user will not be legitimated to deal with Mondservices Ltd in the same way as a financial institute.
4.9. - Meaning of "Disabled" and "Inactive" account:
4.9.1. - A gaming account in which no deposits have been made in the last 12 months, and in case it should display a positive final balance with real money, will be considered as an "INACTIVE" account; immediately, Mondservices Ltd will try to contact any user whose account has become inactive. In any case, if the company will not be able contact the user after 12 months from his last log-in, the final user will be charged 5.00€ per month to cover every administrative cost, while Mondservices Ltd will try to contact him again with more reasonable efforts. Once the gaming account will become completely inactive, and Mondservices Ltd will fail any try to contact the user by any possible way, in compliance with applicable laws, the gaming account will be permanently "DISABLED" then, later, closed.
5.1. - Once the final outcome, both for an event and a gaming product to which the user took part, has been declared, Mondservices Ltd will subsequently confirm that same event or gaming product outcome and all the winnings will be credited on the user gaming account.
5.2. - For any technical, humane or other nature issue, in case Mondservices Ltd will credit any winning that does not belong to the user himself, that credited winning will stay property of the company and the will be subject to any one-sided withdrawal; in time-lapse between the wrong deposit made by Mondservices Ltd and its legitimate withdrawal of the credited winning, if the user withdraws even unconsciously that deposit of which he's not the legitimate owner, this action will be considered a user's debt valid for all legal intents. In any case of wrong credit, the user is obligated to notify that to Mondservices Ltd via email or any other available mean of this purpose.
5.3. - Mondservices Ltd will realize further verifying procedures for any payment whose value will exceed the amount of 2.300€, reserving the right to increase the above-mentioned checks even for payments whose amount will be lower than the one previously declared.
PGA Withdrawal Procedures
6.1. - The user is enabled to withdraw any amount available on the final balance from his own personal account, decreased of any possible tax or withdraw fee, if expected, in full compliance of conditions related to enjoyed bonus and planned limits; he is also compelled to advise Mondservices Ltd with a valid withdrawal receipt made through the website.
6.2. - Withdrawal receipts will be approved only if they come from the same website itself; Mondservices Ltd will not accept any pending withdrawal request made both via phone call or email.
6.3. - For his own security and in order to give Mondservices Ltd the possibility to check the winnings legitimacy and the player identity, the user is weekly enabled to withdraw the maximum amount of 50.000€; the withdrawal of any sum exceeding from the above-mentioned will be in complete discretion of Mondservices Ltd.
6.4. - Mondservices Ltd offers a wide selection of withdrawal methods; depending on the chosen one, the withdraw could experience some taxes or fee cost, if expected. Any winning lower the the limit, mentioned few paragraphs ago, can be withdrawed with the same deposit way used by the user. In order to verify the actual fees expected on these withdrawals, the user can consult the section "Withdrawals", referring to different listed methods. Moreover, the bank or the financial institute, through which these transactions are performed, could even burden these operations with further taxes subject to time variations.
6.5. - Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to credit capitals on user gaming account through the same way used by the user itself to make any deposit.
6.6. - Mondservices Ltd has the authority to ask for even more ID documents before processing any withdrawal request.
6.7. - The user confirms that capitals deposited in his own personal gaming account must (and will) be used only to benefit from services and products offered by Mondservices Ltd, which reserves the right to charge him for the 5% of every withdrawal requests when the gaming volume is not higher or at least equal to the deposited sum.
6.8. - In relation to money deposits and withdrawal on gaming account, the user will use only credit cards or other approved financial means, legitimately and exclusively belonging to the gaming account owner.
PGA Closing Procedures
7.1. - The final user has the right to close his own personal gaming account at any time, and Mondservices Ltd will return that account's final balance, left over at the moment of the closing request, to his owner and charging him for possible withdrawal fees if expected. The final user can close his own account directly by the website or contacting the customer care service, via email of internal message system (the email address used to make this notice must be necessarily the same used to fill out the registration form). The closing procedure will entail the suspension and the loss of every Terms&Conditions. If the motivation of the account closing would be attributed to pathological gambling, the user should specify that in the written request made in order to close the account.
7.2. - The payment method will be chosen by Mondservices Ltd at his complete discretion.
7.3. - Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to close a gaming account and refund the current final balance, decreased by possible withdrawal fees, at his complete discretion and without any explanation duty, or even without giving any early notice. If the user himself would open a new account using the same username or fake credentials (without any permission from Mondservices Ltd), the company will reserve the right to close it and withold capitals deposited for at least one year.
7.4. - If the user would not make any website log-in to his own personal account in one year, every left over balance will be removed from the account itself, after sending a notice to the email address used to fill out the registration from.
7.5. - Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to deny/remove any granted bonus if that bonus won't be used within three months from its awarding, or within a different expiring date previously decided in a specific regulations published only for that specific promotional campaign. 
7.6. - Mondservices Ltd assigns only one bonus for each user/account, family, residency, permanent address, email address, credit card number, IP address and locations where informatic devices are shared (such as schools, colleges, campus, universities, libraries, job places and so on...); Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to close an account and seize any balance in case any kind of violation of fraud are proved and completely undeniable.
User's Obligations
8.1 - The user claims and guarantees that:
8.2. - He turned 18 or the certain age certified as the minimum legal age in his country of permanent residency; according to the local reference legislation, he is also allowed to access those specific products offered on the website.
8.3. - He uses this website and his own personal gaming account exclusively for playful purposes, and not for financial reasons or any other kind of operations. Taking part in offered games will be only for amateur, recreational and entertainment aims.
8.4. - He benefits from offered product only for himself and not for other people.
8.5. - He is not located or does not live in France, Spain, Bulgaria, USA, Hong Kong, Turkey, Cina or other countries where gambling and every products offered on this website are illegal. 
8.6. - All the informations supplied to Mondservices Ltd during the entirety of this contract are truthful, complete and proper; he also commits himself to immediatly notify Mondservices Ltd in case of any variations about the above-mentioned informations.
8.7. - The user is the one and only responsible in advicing and reporting, based on given regulations, eventual applicable fees for any winning received from Mondservices Ltd.
8.8. - Capitals deposited in his personal gaming account have not been earned illegally, neither made by any kind of criminal action.
8.9. - In taking benefit from products offered by Mondservices Ltd, he is aware and accept to take any risk of losing founds deposited in his personal gaming account.
8.10. - He does not make any criminal action involving Mondservices Ltd directly or indirectly.
8.11. - He is not involved in any deceitful, collusive or illegal action related to personal or third-parties participation to our offered products; he does not use any software, informatic program or hardware device able to simplify/support the participation to the games and products offered on the website. If the user adopts such this behavior, Mondservices Ltd will reserve the right to report any suspicious transaction/participation to competent authorities.
8.12. - The informatic software made available from Mondservices Ltd is managed and developed by Mondservices Ltd itself, and it is copyrighted and covered by regulations on intellectual property. The software can be used only for personal, recreational and respectful purposes, once terms & conditions, stated in this Guidelines and in compliance with applicable laws, will be agreed from both sides.
8.13. - He follows an appropriate behavior with other players avoiding, as a proponent of Mondservices Ltd, to say gross or rude words in every website sections used by himself to make any communication. 
Responsible Gambling
9.1. - The user can decide to his discretion to leave himself out from participating at any products offered on the wbesite, in the section "Options" available on his gaming account; this procedure is also called "self-exclusion".
9.2. - Players can request the self-exclusion from a specific kind of games (and by doing so, they can acquire more informations on that kind of games related to the self-exclusion procedure) by contacting the customer care service via internal message system or via email through the electronic address reported in section "Contacts", specifying which types of games he is considering to self-exclude from.
9.3. - Any request of self-exclusion will be valid only to Mondservices Ltd and it will not concern other websites operated by us.
Privacy Policy
10.1. - The user hereby accepts and allows Mondservices Ltd to treat his own personal data in order to authorize the access and the use of the website, the participation at offered games nad extra services.
10.2. - Mondservices Ltd will protect all the personal data and will respect the privacy in compliance with the best business procedures.
10.3. - Mondservices Ltd will use all user's personal data only to allow the user himself to benefit from games and make operations related to play actions.
10.4. - Besides, Mondservices Ltd will treat all personal data in order to manage verifying procedures related to play actions. 
10.5. - All personal data won't be revealed to third-parties except for necessary disclosure of processing user requests, regarding transactions on gaming account or actions related to offered products, in order to manage verifying procedures or if authorities will require so. All personal data could be disclosured to business partners or services providers because these are responsible for some, or every, functional operating parts of the website. For this purpose, the user agrees with using and disclosuring his own personal data.
10.6. - The user has the right to fully access his own personal data, electronically storaged by Mondservices Ltd, as the user himself provided them to the company.
10.7. - The user must immediatly inform Mondservices Ltd, updating directly his own profile or doing so in some other suitable ways, of possible changes necessary to informations given once he opened his personal gaming account.
10.8. - In order to supply an efficient service, Mondservices Ltd and/or its providers could consider necessary to transfer all user's personal data from a country to another one, on a world-wide scale. For this purpose, the user agrees on the transfer of his own personal data.
10.9. - During the verification process of the user gaming account and all the transactions related to it, Mondservices Ltd could turn to the help of rating, anti-fraud and anti-money laundering agencies. For this purpose, the user agrees with using and disclosuring his own personal data.
10.10. - In order to keep the website surfing more comfortable, to leave traces of user accesses on multiple sections and to improve the service quality, Mondservices Ltd makes a real gathering of data sent to browser from the user himself, also called "cookie". In case he wanto to do so, the user can stop the data gathering (following the specific browser instructions); the user is also aware such this suspension on data gathering can heavily limit or compromise the proper use and the website resources.
10.11. - The user shall agree with being informed by Mondservices Ltd from time to time on website variations, new services and possible promotions. If the user doesn't want to receive any marketing information, he can renounce on taking benefit from this service. Hereafter, he can subscribe to the same news service back by sending an email to the customer care department.
11.1. - If the final user needs to present a complaint, he can do that:
- Via E-mail
Contact our customer care department, operative and reachable by email address from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm local time, 7 days a week, mailing to:
- [email protected]
- Via Live Chat or Internal Message System
Our customer care department also operate via internal message system from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm, 7 days a week. Once he logs-in to his own personal gaming account, the user can click on "Messages" button, on the top of the page, and send a private message; Mondservices Ltd follows and evaluates every single message/request or noticed/denied transaction.
Our evaluation will be neutral, reasonable, decisive and permanent.
Interrupted or Not-Launchable Game Sessions
12.1. - Mondservices Ltd is not liable for suspensions, off-switchings, downtime and answer delays of the server, neither for any technical and administrative issue on the game. All refunds will be made exsclusively at Mondservices Ltd Administration's discretion, after performing a detailed and accurate evaluation of the subject from which it is possible to deduce any responsability due to Mondservices Ltd itself.
12.2. - Mondservices Ltd will not take any responsability in case of damages or verified/possible losses due to internet connection issues with the website or any of its content; without any limitation, these issues also refer to lagging or interruptions in operations, transmission, loss or corruption data, communication or line failures, wrong use of the website or any of its content, any further error or contents omission.
12.3. - In case of products failure or malfunction, all bet will be set as void, or voidable.
12.4. - In case any product or game would stop working properly due to system failures, Mondservices Ltd will refund the total played sum to the user, depositing it on his own personal account or, if the gaming account is no longer existing, paying it in a previously agreed way with the legitimate owner of the account.
Limitation of Liability
13.1. - The user enters the website and takes part in games at his own personal risk; the website and all the products are offered without any guarantee, whether it is stated or implicit.
13.2. -  Exception made for the general feasibility of the previous rule, Mondservices Ltd and all its administrators, employees, partners and services providers:
13.2.1. - do not guarantee that the software or the website are complied to any purpose preset from the user; 
13.2.2. - do not guarantee that the software or the website are not lacking in errors;
13.2.3. - do not guarantee that the website and/or its products can be accessed without any kind of failure or suspension; 
13.2.4. - will not be responsible for any loss, missed winning, cost, tax, fee or damage, whether they could be direct or indirect, consequent or accidental, or in other further ways made by using the website and taking part in offered games.
13.3. - The user hereby completely accept to consider Mondservices Ltd and all its administrators, employees, partners and services providers free from any loss, cost, fee, damage, claim and liability deduced from using the website and his taking part in offered games.
Anti-money Laundering Reportings
14.1. - Mondservices Ltd is respectful and in compliance with the "Prevention of Money Laundering" Act and Regulations; we will immediately report any suspicious transaction to the competent authority of Curacao. 
14.2. - If the user should come to know of any illegal action related to the use of games offered through the website, he will commit to reporting that immediately to Mondservices Ltd.
14.3. - At any time Mondservices Ltd can suspend, block or close the user gaming account and withhold any left credit if necessary and/or required in compliance with the "Prevention of Money Laundering" Act.
Violations, Sanctions and Contract Dissolution
15.1. - If the user breaks a clause of these Terms & Conditions, or if Mondservices Ltd believes it is reasonable to suspect that the user did so, the company revers the right not to open, suspend or close the user gaming account, to withhold any left credit from the account itself and to use them as refund.
15.2. - If it is reasonable to suspect that the user, by using the website, is involved in illegal or deceitful actions, or if he violated this contract, or if he is experiencing any debt issue or other problems damaging our business, Mondservices Ltd can block or close the account and void every bets/games placed/played at his total discretion. 
15.3. - The user shall know that Mondservices Ltd will be the only authority legitimated to take the final decision in case the user violates rules and these Terms & Conditions; this decision can come with the suspension or the permanent restriction of using the wbesite.
Intellectual Property
16.1. - We are the only owner of Mondservices Ltd trademark and logo; any other unauthorized use of the trademark and the logo could be prosecutable by law. 
16.2. - The domain www.mgbet.eu is the only uniform resource locator (URL) property of Mondservices Ltd, and no unauthorized use of this URL can be made on another website or digital platform without a prearranged written consent.
16.3. - Mondservices Ltd is the owner or the legitimate licensee of the rights regarding technological systems, the software and the business model plan used within the website itself.  
16.4. - The content and the structure of Mondservices Ltd website are subject to copyright © and to database rights, property of the company itself, all rigghts reserved; the copyright of this website, including all the text, the graphic, codes, documents and links belong to Mondservices Ltd and they can not be riproduced, sent or saved without Mondservices Ltd written consent, whether in whole or in part. Registration procedures and using Mondservices Ltd do not grant any right on the intellectual property within the website itself.
16.5. - Every links referring to Mondservices Ltd and any other page stored within the website itself shall not be present in other websites without prearranged content, written by Mondservices Ltd.
16.6. - The user accepts not to use any automatism or manual device with the purpose to control both Mondservices Ltd pages and contents in itself. Any unauthorized use or reproduction could be subject to punishment under criminal law.
17.1. - If any disposition or arrangement of these Terms & Conditions should turn out to be illegal or nonenforceable, that will not invalidate the effectiveness of all other dispositions, which will stay valid until otherwise proven.
Contract Assignment
18.1. - Mondservices Ltd reserves the right to transfer or legitimately assign this contract to someone else, while the user shall not be able to do that.
Contract Entirety and Validity
19.1. - The present contract defines in full the legal agreement between the final user and Mondservices Ltd, related to this wbesite. Exception made for suspected fraud, this deal shall replace all the previous or contemporary notices and proposals, whether they are electronic, verbal or written between the final user and Mondservices Ltd, always regarding the website itself.
19.2. - A printed paper form of this agreement or any other electronic dialogue between the parties would be eligible for legal or administrative procedures, rising from or related to the present deal, in the same way and at the same conditions of other business papers and documents generally created and owned in paper form.
The minimal amount for withdrawal is 20/€. The maximum amount for withdrawal depends on the payment method you decide to use. If the requested amount of withdrawal exceeds the limit of a particular payment system, the amount will be withdrawn in installments. Your withdrawals will be processed as soon as possible, however, please keep in mind that some payment options take up to 5 working days to process the withdrawal request. If you have deposited via credit or debit card and the amount of withdrawal is equal or smaller to the one deposited, we reserve the right to pay the withdrawal amount back to the credit or debit card. If the amount exceeds the one deposited, the amount in excess will be paid via one of the alternative payment methods. The website supports payouts via Original Credit Transfer (OCT) from Visa and via Payment Transfer from Mastercard. Additional requirements are that the respective credit card is not a corporate credit card and the card is issued in a supported country. For Visa, the following countries are not supported: USA, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore. For Mastercard, the following countries are supported: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, and United Kingdom. Please note that even for supported countries the Company is not able to guarantee successful credit card payment processing in all cases, since banks issuing credit cards may block or reject such transactions at their own discretion. Please note that the internal operating currency of the website is Euro. If you transact in other currencies, the amount deducted from your credit card may be insignificantly higher than displayed at the time of transaction due to currency conversions on the side of your bank and/or the Company's payment processing system. The Company reserves the right to check player’s identity prior to processing payouts and to hold withdrawals for the time needed to check the player’s identity. Please note that when cumulative withdrawals reach 2330 EUR the player verification procedure will be mandatory. In case of false personal data provided by the players, the withdrawal can be refused and the user account can be terminated. The player will be informed thereof by email. In some cases the Website can request selfie with ID, selfie with ID and special sign, or call. Failure of passing this verification will lead to account closure and confiscation of winnings. Maximum withdrawal amount processed to a player is 4000 € daily, 8000 € per a week. The maximum monthly withdrawal amount is 25,000 € for the standard limit, 40,000 € for the high limit and 75,000 € for the ultimate limit or equivalent. Unless otherwise specified in the Terms & Conditions of a specific promotion. Exceptions may be made to players with a higher VIP level, if any, at the Casino’s sole discretion. If you win more than €40,000, we reserve the right to divide the pay out into monthly instalments of €20,000 until the full amount is paid out. Money deposited in the Casino must be used for gaming activity. Due to this, all deposits need to be wagered at least three (3) times. Finally, please keep in mind the Casino is not a financial institution. Your account will thus not bear any interests and no conversion or exchange services will be offered at any time.


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